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Are you looking for a Guest  Speaker 

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Ken Hall 

2014 Photo by Mark Phelps Longreach  

Ken wins the Fraser Coast Queensland Ability Award 25/10/17

Very happy first time he realize he is not an imbecile, Baboon or an illiteracy fool.

Author Kenneth William Hall 

Welcome you to his story telling

Remember this man can't read his own work


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Just Release

 ISBN 978-0-9803314-7-9

It All Started With A Murder

A Young Princess was murdered and her

Brother made a promise to her


That he would find the killer and the killer would be

 tortured and then killed just like she was.


Through four generations, the murdererís

family was hunted down, tortured and killed.


This took them through many Countries;

nowhere in the world were these family

members safe from the Hoffmann Family.

Size 9x6 323 pages

$25.00 plus postage.

Just Release

Things I remember about Hervey Bay told by me a Kauri Pine Tree

This is my Story told by me I am a Kauri Pine

I live in front of the Hervey Bay Library

And I am about three hundred years old

It is what I can recall

Over three hundred years

About Hervey Bay and Surrounding Areas

From a young sapling

I have watched Hervey Bay Grow

To what it is today

Size A5 196 pages


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$35.00 plus postage.

They gave this book 9 Stars.

"One hell of a good yarn." Sunday Herald Sun .

"A distinctly Australian voice." Canberra Times.

"What Next You Bastard may well prove to have more

layers of  appeal than a mille feuille . . . a narrative

packed with incident, villains and comedy. There's

nothing of the victim in  Hall. His mother was feisty

and so is her son. A keen appreciation of the comic,

everywhere evident in the story, with a capacity for

lateral thinking that enabled him not only to hide his

disability but to wreak a poetic revenge on some of his

persecutors, keep him dancing through the narrative.

His is certainly a story that needed to be told . . . His

collaborator McFerran has demonstrated just the right

kind of literacy to tell the tale."

 Mary Rose Liverani, The  Australian

Size 9x6 287 pages


$35.00 plus postage.

They gave this book 5 Stars.

Well readers you wanted to know what happen

to Ken & Jan after book one.

Well here it is. Take a seat lean back and take the ride of a lifetime with them. 

Size 9x6 295 pages


What Next You Bastard 

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What Next You Bastard  Book Two

 ON CD or MP3



$17.00 plus postage.

First release  in three parts by

Hervey Bay Chronicle Newspaper

Tuesday, December 27, 1994 to 29, 1994

Reprinted in book form 2007

1955 Kens weekends were spent chasing

Brumbies that ran wild in the south east

of Queensland.

Size A5 46 pages


$22.00 plus postage.

Many readers wanted to know about my childhood. I can recall back to when I was four years old.

I was a very sickly child spending a lot of my childhood in and out of hospital. At the age of eight I

died on the operating table and my short term memory was taken from me, so from then on I could not

learn anymore so I became illiterate. My father was a very cruel, abusive and terrifying person. My

mother was a loving and caring person but had to endure my fathers verbal and physical abuse.

I was allowed to go exploring around our area and to ride my push bike for many miles. I was not told

you cannot do any of these things due to my ill health. My father won the golden casket and  he  moved out of home. After he left home our family life was wonderful place to be and we had plenty  of food to eat now.

Size 9x6 134 pages


 $20.00 plus postage.

Due to ill health most of my childhood I

had plenty of time to day dream and

observe all thing that happen around me.

These three stories are part fiction           

and part true about people and animals

that have crossed my part during

my life time.

Size A5 239 pages 


$25.00 plus postage.

Ken has owned horses since the age of thirteen.. Excelled in all horse show events including

touch and out jumping.

At seventeen went droving in the gulf and  has broken in Brumbies.

He has owned a Thoroughbred Horse Stud and has trained many horses including race horses.

This book is about Kens knowledge and stories about horses.

Size A5 152 pages

"There 's nothing of a victim in Hall.

A keen appreciation of the

 comic, and capacity for lateral

 thinking that enabled him to hide

 his disability, keep him

 dancing through the narrative.

His certainly is a story that needed

to be told." __ The Weekend Australian


$40.00 plus postage.

188 plus Recipes

Recipes from the

Family's Tree


Hall & Greer

Size A4 63 pages

A Special Thanks Go Out To These Four Women

With Out Them All This Would Have Been A Dream

Far Left My Wife Janice Hall 

Mrs. Bell Coyte School Teacher Hervey Bay

 Left. Author Monika McFerran 

 Right Margaret Johnson